Every 3nd Wednesday we spend the morning blocks either in the garden with Mrs Masters or in the kitchen with Mrs Silvester. During the gardening session we do a range of activities which include: harvesting the vegetables for the cooking session, planting new vegetables or plants in our many vege and flower gardens, collecting seeds, garden maintenance or other exciting hands-on tasks. While half of the class in is the garden the other half is cooking lunch for the class to enjoy together. We make a range of different foods which encourage us to eat our vegetables! Lots of us are more willing to try new things because we have grown the produce from scratch! We are becoming fantastic cooks and therefore take our cooking skills homes and share them with our family - preparing meals on a regular basis!

Here is a photo slideshow of our very first Garden to Table session. During this session we made squash slice, nicoise salad and baked marrow.

Recently I was in the garden transporting bricks from the junior side to the senior side in a tiny trolley. At the end I was exhuasted!!!!!!! For the feast we had Kumura wedges with garlic aoli. We had a silverbeet salad and for dessert we had chocolate pudding!!!! - Cam N

On the 19th of May, we had our 4th Garden to Table lesson. Somehow, my group was in the kitchen again but it was fun. My group made cheesecake. First, Joel and I spread baking paper into the cake tins while Fynn and Emily C weighed out the cheese, butter and grated the sides of an orange. Then we put the ingrediants in the blender. After that, we tipped the cake mixture into the cake tins and went to morning tea. After morning tea, we baked the cheesecake and started to clean up. Then.......................... WE ATE!!! I liked the curry the best and the cheesecake. - Angela

Last week I was harvesting. I picked some mint and parsley.Then we planted strawberries. We got them for nothing (means didn't have to buy them) because we got them from the other strawberry plants - this is sustainable. We could get them from plants because at a special time of year they send out runners and that means that they want to make more plants. The runners are ready once they get leaves and some roots. When we went to eat, there was a leek and egg salad, a melon salad, a colourful salad and meringue with feijoa - Kate
I was in the kitchen this week and I made a salad. We also made a spicy salad dressing with a lot of garlic!!! When we all came in to eat there was a devine chocolate mousse and tasty kumara wedges with a white sauce!! Our salad didn't taste as bad as I thought it would judging by the things that went into it!!!! - Kathryn


This week I was cooking and my group made two different types of salad. The first one we made was made of zuchinni, marrow and squash which was cooked in olive oil and we put mint on top. The other salad we made had cucumber, tomatoes and red pepper. It didn't have any dressing. They were both yummy and I'm a bit jealous of the teachers in the staff room who get all the left over food! The other cooking team made an orange meringue pie and the last cooking team made hard boiled eggs with leeks and onions on top. Super yummy! I really enjoyed this garden to table day!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Victoria

At G2T we made curry,rice,flat bread and lemon cheese cake.All the food that was served was delicous but I reccomend that we don't use chocolate chip cookies next time we make the cheese cake, plain cookies could work better. The curry was delicious!I especially liked the potato that we put in it. I enjoyed my time in the garden because we got to make this really cool willow tea. - Rowan
Ready to eat our fantastic cooking!
Harvesting vegetables from the gardens!
Men at work!
Dishes line up!