Room 11 upload most of their G2T news to their wiki page which you can get to by clicking the following link...
when you get to this page simply choose the G2T page from the left hand menu. They are also keeping track of their G2T learning on their own pages by creating a Gardening and Cooking Diary.

Here are some photographs of the great cooking we have been doing and some of the thinking activities we have done which are linked to Garden to Table.

Thursday 24th June
Today I was gardening!!! I did loads and learnt loads. I learnt that a feijoa tree was related to a Pohutakawa tree and that tamarillo trees were related to potato and tomato plants. I mulched the plants and I also put worm castings around feijoa trees and the passion fruit vine to prevent them from drying out. Then we went up to the hall and had lunch. On the menu today was pumpkin soup, banana and caramel desert with custard. I didn't like the pumpkin soup because I don’t like pumpkin!!! but the banana desert was delicious !!!

By Bailey

Wednesday 1st September
Today I should have been doing gardening but I moved down into a different group with Shannon, Sara, Josh and Shiping. Today I went down to the garden with some of my friends and we picked rosemary and mint. The rosemary had a very beautiful scent so we each took some. I was told that Rosemary is a robust herb which goes well with lamb and also on roasted potatoes. Then I went back to the garden where Mrs Masters and the rest of the gardening group that day were. Sophie, Josh and I weaved wire round bamboos so the beans and peas could grow up the bamboo. The cooking group made pita breads, beetroot salad, white bean dip and flapjacks (which were surprisingly healthy). Lots of the class learnt that in England a flapjack is more like a slice than an American pancake. I already knew this though! I enjoyed the whole day even though I had to wash up afterwards because I forgot my cutlery!!!!!

By Ellie

Wednesday 5 May, 2010 - During our session today we completed a Part/Whole map on the three recipes. Some of the photos are included in the slideshow above. Miss Bryant chose some of the key ingredient from each recipe and when we weren't cooking or preparing we could think about the function of that ingredient and what would happen to the recipe if we did not add it. This got us thinking about why we used certain things in certain recipes.

Wednesday 19 May, 2010 - Click on the following link to see a compare and contrast map we have done as a class about recipes using the chocolate and beetroot combination!

This week we made two different salads (roasted beetroot with feta cheese and a bean/pea shoot green salad). The children also made pita bread pockets and a white bean dip. We decided that the dip was very similar to hummus. For our sweet item we made Anakiwa Flapjacks - totally confusing as flapjacks should be pancakes but in this case it was more like a slice - this is because in the UK they call a slice a flapjack.

Thursday September 2010
Today the cooking group made ravioli and a lemon cake. I was in the gardening group we did a lot of replanting in mini pots. We planted thyme and another herb and it was a lot of fun. We also planted tamarillo plants and named our plants so in the next garden 2 table session we can see how they have improved and grown. We went to eat our food and I was sitting next to one of my best friends, Shannon. I liked the ravioli but the cheese inside was a bit rich for me but I loved the lemon cake - it was really scrummy.

By Maddy