This is the work the Year Four children completed in 2009

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This is where we are going to keep all of our Garden to Table things. We will put up the recipes we make and some videos of us having a great time in the kitchen and garden. This is the link to the offical Garden to Table Website:


Term Four Session Three

Term Four Session Two

Term Four Session One

Term Three Week Three
Hummus with Crudites.doc
broccoli frittata.doc
Scone Recipe.doc
Lemon Curd Recipe.doc

Term Two Week Three
salad of your imagination.doc
spinach and feta pastries.doc
Apple and Cinnamon Muffins.doc

Term Two Week Six
cheese and herb muffins.doc
Sweet Apple Slice.doc
salad of your imagination coleslaw.doc

Term Two Week Ten
Sweetcorn fritters and Tomato relish.doc
kumara and apple.doc
Lemon Muffins.doc

Videos of the cooking

Cooking Term Four Session Two

Cooking Term Four Session One

Cooking Term Three Week Three

Term Two Cooking Days

Cooking Term Two Week Three

Cooking Term Two Week Six

Photos of Cooking and Gardening

Garden to Table Assembly

Gardening Diary

Gardening Term Four Week Five

July 22nd

Making Mosaic pavers for our Garden